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Domestic payment

(5,000 Đánh giá)

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This functionality enables the user to transfer funds from one of their account to an account held with different banks in the same geography 

There are 3 types of domestic payment:
1. In house Transfer
Customer can transfer funds from an account to another Vpbank account for both same currency and diffirence currencies. No cut off time for this kind of payment
2. Domestic Remittance
Customer can transfer funds to an account with another bank in Vietnam for both same currency and diffirence currencies. This kind of payment only support at working time
3. Fast local bank 24/7 transfer
Customer can transfer local currency to an account or debit card with another bank support by napas in Vietnam. This kind of payment support 24/7

  •  VPBank provide multi channel to process payment request:
    - Counter
    - Web
    - Mobile
    - h2h
    - H2h -API
  • VPBank support bulk payment upto 5000 transactions in one shot