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Supplier financing

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1. Automotive chain financing: VPBank provides credit to Auto Dealers through methods such as lending, guarantee, opening LC on the basis of cooperation contract with Anchor.
2, FMCG chain sponsorship; Feed chain: VPBank grants credit to FMCG/feed agents through a dedicated overdraft/payment guarantee to pay for goods to Anchors in the FMCG/feed industry.
3, Financing other chains (aviation/building materials, paint...): VPBank grants credit to customers through a dedicated overdraft/guarantee method to pay for goods to Anchors.
1, Anchor commits to transfer the vehicle file to VPB for VPB-sponsored car sales transactions.
2, FMCG chain sponsorship; feed chain:
- Grant credit to agents or distributors without requiring collateral on the basis that VPB evaluates reputable Anchors / has cooperation contracts with VPB
- Dedicated overdraft means that the customer can only transfer the payment from the overdraft account opened at VBP to the destination account of Anchor pre-installed on the system.
  • Customers are disbursed quickly and conveniently, and the car mortgage is quickly disbursed because the credit support processing is centralized at one point
  • Customers can make online disbursement 24/7
  • Does not require special assets