What do SME want?

1 Are you a new established SME?

VPBusiness account gives you an easy start to your business with preferential fee and unlimited transaction

2 Need capital loan to expand business?

Choose from a variety of loan types to optimize your cash flow and take advantage of the opportunity to expand your business

3 Are you in export or import industry?

Whether you are an export or import business, our worldwide correspondent banking network and our experienced consultant team will be ready to help you make domestic and overseas transactions.

4 Are you a micro enterprise?
Your revenue last year less than vnd 20 billion?

Financial solutions help micro enterprises access to capital loan, for purchasing equipment or adding to working capital.


How much you could borrow?

SME - Đăng ký vay vốn

Doanh thu/năm
Tỷ đồng
triệu VNĐ

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