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Usance Payable At Sight (UPAS) Letter of Credit (L/C)

UPAS L/C: The deferred payment letter of credit issued by VPBank upon request of customers, in which the beneficiary could present documents to receive money immediately from the sponsoring bank on the basis of acceptance between VPBank and the customer. On payment date, customers pay for the goods and the related fees to VPBank;

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Target customers: Enterprises having capital finance demands to pay for import L/C.

Terms of use of UPAS L/C: Customers who satisfy all conditions of issuing UPAS L/C as well as additional conditions of the Regulation.

Tenor of deferred payment: Based on the tenor specified in UPAS L/C but no more than 180 days since VPBank receives set of documents.


a) Deposit (with their own capital): as regulated by VPBank

b) Collaterals as regulated by VPBank

Service fees:

a) The acceptance fee of deferred payment of UPAS L/C that VPBank charges customers = the fee of deferred payment finance as notified by the State Bank + Range

In which:

i. Fee of deferred payment finance of Sponsoring Bank: will be notified to enterprises at the time of opening UPAS L/C by FI Department;

ii. Range:

- Range includes UPAS L/C service charge that enterprises benefit after deducting all charges incurred (if any)

- Range scheme for SME customers is defined in Attached file.

b) The payment of other international payment fees is collected under the current fee tariff. 

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