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Corporate Account Overdraft

This is the best credit solutions to meet unexpected demands for loans to take advantage of business opportunitieswithout regular loan application. Enterprises are able to make payments which exceed the actual balance on deposit accounts for a short time

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  • To promptly meet the needs for capital for regular or sudden and seasonal expenses, without conducting procedures as regular loans, thus saving time and taking advantage of business opportunities
  • With no disbursement procedures required, customers are able to withdraw money from the account at any time and at any business units of VPBank
  • Interest is calculated based on the actual overdraft balance and the actual overdraft time
  • Maximum reduction of interest payment through automatic principal repayment system immediately after money is credited to the customer's account
  • Target customers:
    • All Small and/or Medium Enterprises have current accounts at VPBank and make frequent account transactions
    • Customers maintain the minimum revenue credited into VPBank accounts
  • Loan applications
    • Loan application form
    • Financial documents:
      • Collateral documents
      • Enterprise's legal documents
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