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SME Car for Business

This Car loan is applicable to SME customers of VP Bank, in which VP Bank finances for enterprises to buy cars for the purpose of travel/business operations, or transportation business.

SME - Nội dung

  • Clear and simple loan conditions and appraisal
  • Simple procedures with quick approval and disbursements
  • Loan ratio upto 75% of car generated from loan
  • Reasonable and competitive tariff

Conditions of the Customers

  • Corporate customers are legally established and operating under Vietnamese law, fully satisfy the loan conditions as prescribed by the law, VPBank, and the following conditions:
  • Customers are on actual operation of minimum 1 year (based on tax reports to determine the actual operation period) or owner/managing directors having minimum 05 years managrial experience in the main business area.
  • The financial situation of customers is stable and healthy in the last 02 years (or the financial situation of customers is stable and healthy from the time of establishment until the time of loan application - for customers who established less than 02 years). No business loss; no capital imbalance, no wage debt, no tax debt and any other financial obligations to the State.
  • No bad debts ( Category 3,4,5) within the last 12 months at VP Bank and/or other credit organizations by the time of loan application.
  • For those who buy cars for the needs as mentioned at section b, Clause 2 of this Article shall have (i) the Business license for transportation by car (for passenger transportation and freight transportation by containers) or business registration certificates of transportation by car (for freight transportation by car) and (ii) any feasible business plan in transportation.


  • Commitment to hand over car papers
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