SME product

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Ordinary medium and long - term loans

Medium and long-term lending by project is the credit solution to meet the demands for loans in a certain investment project of enterprises to expand business operations

SME - Nội dung

  • To meet the needs for medium or long-term finance for new or expanded investment
  • To satisfy the financial package needs to conduct investment projects (including investment on both initial fixed and working assets)
  • Capital Finance: To create financial leverage, overcome the shortage of long-term capital
  • Maintenance of property ownership: Compared to financial leasing, bank credit has the advantage that customers could still reserve their ownership during loan period.
  • All Small and/or Medium Enterprises
  • Loan applications:
    • Loan application form
    • Documents related to project/business plan
    • Financial documents: financial statements in the last 2 years
    • Collateral documents
    • Enterprise's legal documents (if doing transaction with VPBank for the first time)
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