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Cash Pooling

VPBank provides this optimal financial management service to help customers automatically transfer money between accounts at VPBank to concentrate financial resources on the parent company for maximum profitability and control of receipts and payments of member units

SME - Nội dung

  • To control daily receipts and payments of member units
  • To ensure the liquidity among accounts of member units
  • To be proactive in balancing and using capital
  • To minimize short-term debt balance, to save costs and improve efficiency in using capital
  • To enjoy preferential interest rates
  • To help management forecast cash flow.
  • Parent company update the financial situtation of the entire system accurately to best serve the management and planning of business.
  • To be updated every second all information related to receivables and liabilities thanks to Internet Banking and Mobile Banking service, which are the mordern automated technology in Account Management
  • Customer conditions
    • Corporations, parent companies, large-scale with a large number of dependent accounting business units
    • Enterprises with wide network of distribution and nationwide agency system.
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