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Cheque Service

VPBank will make payment as required by the customer based on the content of Cheque submitted to VPBank. Customers can request VPBank to debit from their account to pay for the beneficiaries named in the Cheque or paying the Cheque holder a certain amount in cash or by bank transfer; or customers can use Cheque to withdraw cash from their own account

SME - Nội dung

  • To reduce risks of cash payment
  • Convenience in payment for goods and services, saving time and costs because there is no need to go to the bank to make money transfer.
  • In the cevent that Cheque issuers need ensure the solvency with the beneficiary, the issuers just need to go to the bank to perform the Cheque payment procedures
  • Confidentiality of all information related to account
  • The beneficiary does not need to count cash but still receive the exact amount indicated on the Cheque by cashing or crediting into account
  • Customer conditions
    • All corporate customers have the needs for payment without using cash or withdrawing cash from the bank.
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