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Import L/C (issuance, amendment, payment)

This product is the conditional committment issued by the bank for the buyers towards L/C beneficiary (sellers or service suppliers) to making payment of a certain amount of money when the beneficiary presents the documents according to the terms and conditions of L/C in a particular period of time as regulated in L/C

SME - Nội dung

  • With quick issuance of L/C, diversified issuance methods widely-accepted by most banks worldwide, this service helps to increase enterprise's reputation and position as well as ensure their competitiveness
  • Highly professional staff willing to support and consult customers.
  • Issuance of Import L/C
    • Issuance Documents
      • Request to open import L/C / Request to amend import L/C
      • Foreign trade contract
      • Import quota (import-export product by quota)
      • Trustee contract
    • Condition of Import L/C Issuance
      • Legal documents (if doing transaction with VPBank for the first time)
      • Deposit as regulated
      • Import goods are easily consumed and not fobidden
  • Amendment of Import L/C
    • Amendment documents
      • Request for Amendment of Import L/C
      • Documents related to Amendment of Import L/C: appendix of foreign trade contract, import quota, agreement for Amendment of Import L/C between importers and exporters, etc
  • Guarantee/Authorization of Shipping
    • Documents
      • Notification of delivery from shipping company/airline agent
      • B/L
      • Commercial Invoice
      • Request to issue Guarantee/Authorization of Shipping
    • Endorsement
      • Request for Endorsement
      • Commercial Invoice
      • Sea freight


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