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VPBank POS Service

In order to increase advantages for VPBank cardholders and meet the increasing demand of customers, VPBank has deployed POS card payment service at the points of sale such as commercial centers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, ticket agents.

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VPBank’s card payment service offers the following advantages to its customers:

a. Benefits for merchants:

  • To improve business performance of enterprises as payment via card helps attract more target customers and they tend to spend more when not being restricted by the carrying cash.
  • To reduce costs of cash management, risk mitigation of counterfeit money and deferred payment, save transaction time.
  • To increase interest income from deposit flow through current deposit account at the bank.
  • To enhance reputation, build image as dynamic and modern enterprise and stores.
  • To offer free equipment, free training guides and technical support.
  • To have the opportunity to participate in VPBank attractive promotions.
  • To have the opportunity to become a promotion point for VPBank cardholders and will be public on VPBank media channels.

b. Benefits for cardholders:

  • Safety:

+ Card users do not have to carry a big amount of cash, thus reducing the risk of robbery, theft.

+ In case of card loss, cardholders can inform the bank to lock and freeze account.

  • Convenience:

+ Card users do not need to carry cash but can still easily spend with card at POS, or withdraw cash when needed.

+ When using cards overseas, money is automatically converted into the currency of that country, so card users do not have to spend time exchanging money.

  • Easy to use:

+ Use the card to make direct payment at domestic and abroad POS.

+ Rather than using cash, card users can view the history of their card transactions, thus manage spending more reasonably.

  • Financial benefits to credit card holders: When making payment with their credit cards, cardholders have up to 45 days to refund the money without any interests or transaction fees.

Tariff: VPBank applies preferential and flexible fees to each group of customers. 

To become VPBank POS merchants:
3.1. Conditions to become VPBank POS merchants
Vietnamese and foreign enterprises and individuals with business locations and legal business registration in the field of goods and services supply in Vietnam are able to register as VPBank POS merchant.
3.2. Simple and convenient registration procedures
  • Required Documents: Copy of business registration certificate, copy of identification documents (ID card, passport, residence book) of the legal representative of the business.
  • Signing contract: VPBank and customers sign contract after having mutual agreement of content and format of VPBank Contract template.
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