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VPBiz Debit Card

VPBiz Debit Card helps SMEs to perform banking transactions and pay for goods more conveniently. Now, goods payment, cash withdraw and banking transactions have become easier than ever.

SME - Nội dung

  • To separate corporate and personal spending - It is very important for each enterprise to have one debit card because it can help enterprises keep track of corporate expenses. Using a separate account will be easier to control and clearer to prepare financial statements.
  • Globally accepted - Cardholders enjoy the privileges when purchasing goods at millions of MasterCard acceptance points without bringing large amount of cash on person.
  • Convenient - Unlike credit card, the transaction amount will be automatically deducted from enterprise’s account, thus no monthly statement is required to pay.
  • To enhance enterprise protection – When you are on business, or shop for your company, you will receive enhanced protection features when using cards such as travel insurance, discount, loss insurance, and so on.
  • Security - Chip card technology protects cardholders’ information the best. Using cards is more secure than carrying cash. In addition, cardholders can confidently perform transactions on the Internet, by telephone, or at transaction points.
  • Easy to store information to monitor costs and control budget. The bank will issue monthly statement listing all card transactions, including POS name, date of transaction and amount.
  • To withdraw cash anywhere - Cardholders can withdraw cash at any ATMs in Vietnam as well as more than one million ATMs accepting MasterCard.
  • Attractive currency conversion rates – The purchase of goods or cash withdrawal abroad will be deducted directly from customers’ account in Vietnam, no matter where the transaction is made. The exchange rate for such transactions is often more competitive than at foreign currency exchange points overseas.
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