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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the objectives of VPBank Loyalty program?
  • To uniform care services of loyal customers;
  • To increase benefits for VPBank’s loyal customers via gift redemption of accumulated reward points
  • To increase the competitiveness with more comprehensive customer care services;
  • To improve the quality and efficiency of the implementation and business of products and services for personal customers.
  • The program shows one of the restless efforts to bring long-term benefits for VPBank’s customers. In addition to the direct benefits from using the Bank’s products and services, customers will have the opportunity to material and spiritual offers, which helps customers enjoy happiness in life. The program expresses VPBank’s  profound and sincere gratitude for customers’ sustainable engagement at present and in the future. The more closely customers tie to VPBank, the more attractive offers they receive.
2. Who are the target customers of the program?
VPBank Loyalty program is applied to all personal customers of VPBank. 
3. What is iCash? How is it calculated? 
iCash is the virtual currency used in VPBank Loyalty program.
iCash means the accumulated points for each customer after a transaction is generated at the end of the day. As for term deposit, the accumulated points recorded will be transferred to available accumulated points when customers perform final settlement timely. In case the customers perform final settlement before maturity, the accumulated points recorded will not be transferred to available points. Accumulated points recorded cannot be converted to gifts. The policy of presenting gifts to depositors must comply with regulations on interest rate floor of the State Bank of Vietnam.
4. What is the scoring mechanism? 
For more details of scoring mechanisms, please see the “Applicable products” section.
5. Where can I search for details of my accumulated points?
Customers can check their accumulated points by one of the following ways:
  • Directly at VPBank transaction points;
  • Dial 247 Customer Services Center at 1900 54 54 15 or 04.39288880;
  • Access VPBank Online at https://i2b.vpb.com.vn/ 
  • Use VPBank Mobile application for 03 operating systems namely iOS, Android and Windows phone.
6. Where can I receive gifts
The delivery of gifts will be performed by VPbank’s Gift partners. Customers just need to register recipient’s shipping address with VPBank for door-to-door delivery.
7. When are my accumulated points expired?
Your reward points will be accumulated and never expire, or otherwise until VPBank’s alternative notice.
8. How long will I receive gifts after redemption on VPBank Online? 
You will receive gifts after maximum 03 working days since your redemption for gifts is approved on VPBank’s redemption channels.
9. Where can I register the address to receive gifts?
Customers have variety of options to register their shipping address as follows:
  • VPBank Online
  • VPBank Mobile
  • VPBank Transaction Offices, branches nationwide
  • VPBank’s 247 Customer Services Center
10. Can I join other promotions simultaneously with VPBank Loyalty program?
Customers can still enjoy offers from other promotions as prescribed by VPBank in each period.
11. Will my remaining points after redemption of gifts be accumulated for later use?
The remaining points after redemption of gifts will be accumulated for later redemptions.
12. How long does the VPBank Loyalty program last?
VPBank Loyalty is the long-term appreciation program of VPBank to enhance customers’ engagement. This program continues to be launched until VPBank’s official notice.
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