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Applicable Products
The program shows one of the restless efforts to bring long-term benefits for VPBank’s customers. In addition to the direct benefits from using the Bank’s products and services, customers will have the opportunity to material and spiritual offers, which helps customers enjoy happiness in life.
1. Applicable Products:
Simply by performing transactions via VPBank’s electronic banking channels, with credit cards or via Westen Union, customers can accumulate points (hereinafter referred to as iCash) to redeem for valuable gifts.
2. iCash redemption methods:
• Online redemption
- Access VPBank Online using customers’ login name and password
- Select “Accumulated Points” for details of customers’ accumulated points
- Select “Redeemable Gift Category” to choose the appropriate gifts for redemption
- Select “Redeem” to register gift redemption from reward points
• Redemption by phone: Dial 247 Customer Services Center at 1900 54 54 15 or 04.39288880 for support.
• Redemption over the counter: Visit VPBank’s nearest transaction points for assistance.
3. iCash Accumulation mechanism: 


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