Steve Aoki to “burn out” in Vietnam
On 05/12/2013 evening in Hanoi, Steve Aoki had an outstanding and impressive performance at American Club in Hanoi. As the official sponsor of the program, the representative of VPBank awarded VND 20 million prize at Hanoki festival, and gave 5 free entrance tickets for the 5 bloggers with best comments on the fanpage of the program. Also at the festival, VPBank introduced VPBank SmartCash Visa product to the young customers and explore information of nearly 2,000 young customers.
This program lies within his tour around a variety of Asian countries in 2013. After Hanoi are Shanghai, Manila, and Bangkok. Steve Aoki, a Japanese-American artist is one of the most outstanding representatives of EDM music worldwide. EDM is considered to be a popular international music trend today, attracting millions of fans. The most popular EDM festivals such as Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, TomorrowWorld always attract hundreds of thousands audience from everywhere.
It is the first time a famous DJ in the world’s top 10 has had a tour in Hanoi, Vietnam. The uniqueness also lies in the name of this event. “Hanoki” is a noun phrase combining Hanoi – the capital city and Steve Aoki. Also, it must be mentioned the “warm-up” performances of well-known invited DJs from Vietnam and the world such as “sexy” DJ couple KIMKAT, Pharrel Phuong, Viet EKS, SLIM V. The participation of Doan Tri Minh as the program director further heated up the must-not-ignore Hanoki Festival.
Steve Aoki proved his “unique” and “extraordinary” on the stage at American Club with the impressive appearance from the first minute to the last minute. Many young audiences screamed and wished to receive the lucky cake in Steve’s throwing cake performance. Many beautiful female audiences voluntarily became volunteers for Aoki’s “unique and extraordinary” performances with cake and canoe.
The concert ended in cheers of nearly 2,000 audiences. Steve burst out that “I have never been to Vietnam, but this is the first time I have seen such an amazing crowd! Thank you for making me crazy!”.

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