VPBank to be the first bank in Vietnam to achieve PCI DSS
On 23/10/2013, in Hanoi, VPBank was verified PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance – the certified security standard ensuring safety for card transactions from PCI representative named Case Control. This is the first time a bank in Vietnam has achieved this standard.

This is the first time a bank in Vietnam has achieved this standard.
PCI DSS is a set of requirements to meet standards of security, policy, procedures, network architecture, software system, and a number of other factors, which are researched and developed by PCI Standards Council, an open global forum including members of international card organizations namely Visa Inc., MasterCard Worldwide, American Express, Discover Financial Services JCB International. The purpose of PCI DSS is to ensure the safety of the card data when cards are processed and stored in the bank or enterprises make payment. PCI DSS helps create standards of card information security and is applied globally to develop and implement security standards to protect the financial data in order to apply information security worldwide.
To achieve this certification , VPBank has satisfied all PCI DSS requirements such as building and maintaining information technology (IT) operation procedures and cards operation procedures to ensure all card data classified and handled in a secure and complete ways, restructure, strengthen and maintain internal networks, IT systems related to the life cycle of card data, build and maintain restricted-access technical systems, monitor and evaluate system regularly, information protection policies.
The representative of VPBank leadership said: “Although VPBank is not the first to start PCI DSS project, we finish the first among many other banks deploying PCI DSS project in Vietnam. To be verified PCI DSS compliance has determined our security capacity in general, and the security capacity of information technology systems and operations related to the VPBank cards in particular.”
The Operations Director of Case Control, Mr. Suresh Dadlani said: “PCI DSS is a strict standard with numerous technical requirements of compliance, thus to achieve, VPBank needs to satisfy not only capacity requirements but also close collaboration between functional departments in the bank. During the process of implementation and evaluation, we have worked closely with the VPBank team for 12 months and feel very pleased to witness their technical capacity as well as performance. This is the platform to show VPBank’s guarantee of card data security.”


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