Safety and Confidentiality

Thank you for visiting Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) website. Through this website, VPBank hope that customers will access the full information about VPBank products, services, programs and activities. In addition, VPBank will also collect information about customers for the management and administration of the website in accordance with legal regulations. Customers visiting VPBank website (certainly) agree to the following terms. In details:
1. Confidential Principles
  • VPBank ensures that all personal information will be stored and protected in accordance with legal regulations.
  • The information customers are required to provide by VPBank only to better understand their needs, thus offer products and services in line with customers' requirements.
  • VPBank uses customer information for the purposes of administration, and statistics on the use of the website. Thereby, VPBank will make necessary adjustments to increase the service efficiency and capacity through this website.
  •  VPBank may transfer some personal information of customers to its affiliated units or agents within scope as permitted by law.
  • All VPBank affiliated units, staff and all third parties who are allowed to access customer information are required to comply with VPBank confidential obligations.
2. Confidential Measures
  • All the information customers send via VPBank website is protected by encryption technology to ensure the information is protected on the line.
  • VPBank shall perform all reasonable methods to ensure the safety of customer personal information and adhere to Vietnam legal regulations related to the information storage and usage
3. Copyright and Trademark
  • VPBank is the owner of all trademarks, logos and labels of products/services available on this website. All visitors of this website are not allowed to use the above mentioned property without VPBank’s prior permission in writing.
4. Commitment to Privacy
  • VPBank commits to ensuring the confidentiality of customer information under the management of VPBank. The customer personal information will be stored and secured in accordance with legal regulations related to the storage of personal identity information. All personal information is protected by VPBank to prevent all unauthorized access from any third party.
  • For more information, please contact VPBank Customer Service Center at 04.39288880 or 1900545415.
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