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VPBank offers a variety of guarantees to ensure customers' prestige in business and production activities

SME - Nội dung

  • Customers are able to meet the guarantee requirements of the third party and enhance their reliability and prestige when using this service of VPBank
  • Experienced and professional staff are always willing to consult customers about procedures and guarantee type suitable to their target and ability
  • Procedures to issue letter of guarantee are quick and simple
  • Reasonable and competitive tariffs
  • Legal purpose of guarantee
  • To have sufficient financial capacity, conditions and experience to perform obligations guaranteed by VPBank during period of commitment
  • To satisfy the regulations applied to each guarantee type
  • Applications
    • Request for Guarante
    • Legal documents (submitted once when opening payment account)
    • Guarantee documents (papers, notifications, contracts related to each guarantee)
    • Financial documents (financial reports, tax settlement)
    • Collateral Documents
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