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International Remittance Service

VPBank is a member of Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications SWIFT and has agency relationships with many major banks around the world which enables its customers to transfer money to any individual or organization through its International Remittance Service

Product description
  • The service allows customers to send and receive money to any banks in foreign countries via SWIFT system
  • Customers with or without VPBank accounts can transfer/remit money to/from overseas.
  • Customers can send  and receive money at VPBank in foreign currencies such as USD, EUR, AUD, JPY, SGD, CAD, CNY, GBP and many other currencies depending on the requirements of the senders/recipients
Conditions and application process

1. Inward remittance service from overseas:

  • Instruction for remitters:
    • Remitters can select any foreign banks where he/she lives
    • Recipients provide the senders with the information in the following form:

Pay through: (Intermediate bank) : Customers can choose VPBank’s intermediate banks according to foreign currencies. For more details, click here


SWIFT BIC: VPBKVNVX ,  CHIPS UID: 359868 , Branch:

Beneficiary's name

Beneficiary's add

A/C number

ID card Nr

(*) If beneficiary have no bank account

Tel(if any)

  • Instruction for beneficiary:
  • Service Fees: Please refer to the current tariff of VPBank

 2. Outward remittance service to overseas:

  • Service Fees: Please refer to the current tariff of VPBank
  • Note: Purpose of personal money transfer to overseas.
  • For foreign customers:
  • For Vietnamese citizens:
  • Note:
    • If the recipient does not have an account in VPBank the remitter has to provide the receiver’s information including: name, address, ID card / passport
    • If customers want to send the money urgently, customers can use the Western Union money transfer service
    • Customers can go to any VPBank transaction Office
    • Fill in the Money Withdrawal Form
    • Customer fill in the Remittance form of VPBank
    • Their Identity card
    • Documents evidencing legitimate transfer purposes
    • Documents evidencing family relationship
    • Valid Passport / Visa
    • Documents evidencing legal salary and income
    • Their Custom Declaration Form if customer want to transfer the amount over 5000USD
    • Payment for education and medical treatment of the applicant or his/her relatives
    • Payment for business trip, travel and family visit.
    • Payment for fee overseas.
    • Payment for allowance to a relative living overseas.
    • Payment for inheritance to a person living overseas.
    • Payment for immigration purpose.
    • Other one way money transfer cases· 
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