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International mc2 Debit MasterCard

International VPBank Mc2 MasterCard is for those who are young, dynamic and fashionable. The card has unique and stylish design with a delicate curve and crystalline material. This card is ideal for those who want to spend their own earnings and manage their financial resources

Product description
  • This card is issued in compliance with EMV standard with high level of security and a chip placed on the front of the card in order to store the customer's information.
  • Card validity: 05 years
  • Minimum balance: VND 100,000
  • Cash advance limit: VND 30,000,000/day
  • Spending limit: 50,000,000 VND/day
  • Bank transfer limit: unlimited
  • Cash withdrawal limit at ATMs: VND 8,000,000/transaction
  • To be accepted at over 24 million POS in Vietnam and in 220 countries worldwide.
  • To withdraw money at VPBAnk ATMs and over 1 million ATMs worldwide with MasterCard logo.
  • To enjoy special discounts at fashion shops, restaurants, shopping centers, service centers, and many other POS in Vietnam.  
  • Ability to apply for up to 5 supplementary cards
  • To use other services as: Internet Banking (i2b), SMS Banking...
Conditions and application process
  • VPBank MasterCard Application Form (download VPBank's template)
  • Copy of valid ID Card or passport (please bring the original ones for verification purposes)
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