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Payroll service

VPBank offers Payroll Service to enterprises to pay salaries to their employees automatically based on payment period

Product description
  • VPBank is currently providing two methods of salary payment:
    • Payment at the counter: Customers send their monthly payroll to VPBank and VPBank pays salaries to their employees
    • Payment via Internet Banking: Customers will be provided with an User name and a Password, VPBank will instruct customers to make payment via Internet Banking
  • To save costs for payroll activities (personnel costs, costs of buying note counting machine, etc.);
  • To save time, workload reduction for payroll division;
  • To minimize risks compared to cash payment: Risks of fake money, damaged money, loss and confusion during note counting process;
  • To be convenient for staff (especially for regularly travelling staff), to support them with paying living cost via Electronic Banking to keep them on their work and increase labor productivity;
  • To enjoy plenty of benefits for their company and employees such as: spare from/reduce transaction cost, reduce interest rate, etc.;
Conditions and application process
  • To choose payment method
  • To prepare the following documen
    • A copy of identity card / passport of each employee
    • Account Opening Documents


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