Medium or long-term loans for investment in fixed assets or business projects

With the aim of supporting the needs for capital for business projects, VPBank offers medium and long-term loans for investment in fixed assets, business projects

Product description
  • To meet the needs for medium or long-term loans of new investment projects
  • To extend business based on financial leverage, overcome the lack of medium and long-term capital, with financing rate possibly upto 100% of the total project value
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible collateral, with acceptance of collateral generated from loans 
  • Free financial consultation fee
  • Flexible lending and repayment plan are tailored to each enterprise
  • Lending method: medium/long term financing scheme in line with the project/business plan
  • Currency: VND or foreign currencies (in compliance with the State Bank of Vietnam's regulations)
  • Loan term: based on capital retrieval timeline of the investment project/business plan
  • Disbursement: subject to the implementation progress of the investment project/business plan
  • Interest rate: according to VPBank's regulations from time to time
  • Collateral: real estate, personal property, valuable papers or assets generated from the loan
  • Flexible lending and repayment arrangements which are tailored to each enterprise
  • Grace period is granted during project implementation phase to reduce loan repayment pressure.
  • Maximum capital support for enterprises' business projects
  • Flexible disbursement arrangements, which allow single or multiple disbursements in line with project progress
  • Assets generated from the loan could be used as collateral
Conditions and application process
  • Loan application form
  • Documents related to project/ business plan
  • Financial documents: financial regulations, financial statements
  • Collateral documents
  • Enterprise's legal documents (if doing transaction with VPBank for the first time)
  • Other documents required by VPBank
  • Northern Customer Service: 04 39385111
  • Southern Customer Service: 08 38216473
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