Services & Trade Finance

Aiming at helping customers save time and costs, ensuring safe and efficient payment, VPBank offers Notification of L/C service for large-sized corporate customers

Through verification of L/C service, VPBank verifies or amends L/C for corporate customers who export services and goods as requested by foreign banks

With high discount rates, simple and fast procedures, Discount Export L/C service best satisfies customer’s needs

Authorized Export Documents Collection is the authorization for the bank to collect payment from export enterprises with simple procedures and fast payment collection

With diverse payment methods, high financing rates, flexibility, Finance for Export prior to delivery offered by VPBank helps enterprises ensure business capital needs at all times

With diverse payment methods, high discount rates, simple procedures, and short processing time, Finance for Export after delivery helps enterprises feel secured in business activities

Authorized Import Documents Collection is the authorization from import enterprises to the Bank to receive, check, notify documents from foreign bank, and make payment as requested by import enterprises

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