Welcoming Prosperity, receiving thousands of spring buds on VPBank Prosperity Tree
The countdown to Lunar New Year of the Horse will be extremely special when customers visit VPBank Prosperity Tree at Vincom B Tower and Thuong Xa Tax Building (Ho Chi Minh City) from 17/01/2014  until the end of 10/02/2014. Appearing for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City on the occasion of the Horse New Year 2014 with warm red Prosperity flowers, VPBank Prosperity Tree nurtures the symbol of HAPPINESS – POSITION AND FAME – TALENT AND FORTUNE as the wishes that Vietnam Prosperity Bank sincerely sends to everyone and every family. 

At 19:30 on 17/01/2014, under the Prosperity tree, the Prosperity fleet will depart to visit each family and bring them joy, good luck and fortune. The image of a powerful fleet of horses with cheerful colors symbolizes the relentless aspirations and efforts towards a PROSPEROUS VIETNAM – SECURED AND HEALTHY FAMILIES to which VPBank has always devoted itself for 20 years of existence on Vietnam financial- banking markets. Here, customers not only experience the great feelings of a new year with a spring filled with vibrant colors and lively party music, but also receive thousands of gifts, including movie tickets, red envelopes, etc and especially the opportunity to join the photo contest named “Prosperity Moments”  to win up to VND 30 million. To win this valuable prizes, customers just need to visit the website https://caythinhvuong.com to post photos taken with the Prosperity Tree and wait for the miracles.

When visiting VPBank Prosperity tree, every customer also gets at least one attractive gifts and the opportunity to use for free the products, services of VPBank, which is ranked on Top 12 Commercial banks in Vietnam. In details, every customer will get a nice and convenient VPBank mug, red envelopes, or a set of 6 stainless steel spoons when opening one of the three following cards: VPBank domestic debit card (Auto Link), Online payment card (Visa Smart cash) or Card for Ladies (Lady Credit Card and Lady Debit Card). In addition, each customer opening online payment card (Visa Smart cash) will also receive 1 lucky draw ticket with a 100% chance to win attractive weekly prizes, including 8 Special Prizes with each prize of a Voucher Smart Cash worth VND 500,000; 320 First Prizes with each prize of a Voucher Smart Cash worth VND 100,000; 800 Second Prizes with each prize of with each prize of a Voucher Smart Cash worth VND 50,000 and 10,000 Consolation Prizes of VPBank’s red envelops.
During the last 20 years and in the future, with its dedicated and devoted staff, through its banking products and services, VPBank has and will always strive to realize the dreams of customers, together building a Prosperous Vietnam .
For more information, please contact: 1900 545145 or 04 3928 8880 or visit the website: www.vpb.com.vn.


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