VPBank warns customers about bank fraud

Recently, high-tech criminals have used sophisticated fraud tactics, which takes advantage of information, deceives OTP or requests to log in fake websites to hijack customers' accounts and damage the reputation of banks.
Some recent fraud actions are as below:

  • Trick customers into transferring money: announce the prize, request to complete the reward procedure by depositing reward fee on the phone number/ account of the criminal.
  • Request customers to provide confidential information: Fake emails sent from International Card Organizations: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB ... with the notice that the transaction is rejected; or fake email that your card is locked and requires your personal information and card information to activate the card.Disguise relatives and friends sending money from abroad. Thereby, customers are required to log into the fraud website by using internet banking username and password, and then enter the OTP code sent by the bank.
  • Disguise VPBank employees require customers to provide card numbers, passwords, and OTP that have been sent to the customer's phone.
  • Banks and credit institutions NEVER ask customers to provide personal information or confidential information such as bank account numbers, PINs of ATM cards, access codes, OTP codes, and Internet Banking password via email or phone. Therefore, if the users receive these requests, it means that criminals are trying to usurp the assets of the Customer at the bank.

To avoid risks, VPBank recommends Customers:

Not to do:

  • Do not let others borrow, use, and manage your bank card
  • Do not enter the username, password of Internet Banking / Mobile Banking login, OTP code, account number ... into another website or link except  PBank website or other application VPBank Online.
  • Do not provide information including Login Account, Password, OTP Code because this is private, confidential, and OTP only used to confirm payments.
  • Do not transfer money, provide card information, OTP code as required from strange calls claiming to be bankers or bank partners, or request access to an external website.
  • Set password strong enough, do not use close information such as phone numbers, birth dates of themselves, and relatives.

To do:

  • Remember the only address when logging into VPBank's account: https://online.vpbank.com.vn
  • Regularly change the password to access e-banking/card services and set the password according to the safety principle.
  • Always cover the keyboard with hand when entering the PIN code on an ATM / POS, in case someone peeps or stalks, be careful not to store cards and PINs in the same place. Get back the card after every transaction at the store. Do not give the cashier the card to out-of-sight place.
  • Stop trading and notify VPBank immediately if strange devices are attached to the card/keyboard or multiple cameras are installed at ATM / POS.
  • Sign up and pay attention to the message about transactions, balance to detect abnormal signs.

If customers have unfortunately provided or disclosed his/her bank account information, card information, etc. to strangers/email/ strange calls or any suspected suspicion, call VPBank as soon as possible via hotline 1900 545 415 or 024 3928 8880.


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