VPBank to adjust credit card lock time
Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) is pleased to announce the adjustments of lock time of credit cards when incurring overdue debts.
Accordingly, since 30 June 2014, if the minimum payment as stated in the credit card statement is not settled after 30 days from the first payment due date, the credit cards will be temporarily locked. If after 90 days, the Bank has not received that minimum payment, the card will be permanently closed.
With the introduction of this regulation, VPBank wishes to support customers in effectively managing their expenditure. Moreover, timely payment also helps customers earn credit priority points when in need of bank loans.
As one of the pioneers in issuing MasterCard and VISA credit cards in Vietnam, over the years, VPBank has researched to improve and highlight the superiority of the product such as safety, convenience, spending first payment later. Various types of credit cards improved by VPBank and put in circulation on the market aim to meet the diverse needs of customers.
With VPBank credit cards, customers will frequently enjoy great offers when paying for personal and household products and services.
For more details, please contact Hotline at 1900 54 54 15.
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