Terms and Conditions of the Program “Lucky Number 9”
1. Period: From 01/12/2013 until the end of 31/01/2014.
2. Method: Immediate awarding and lucky drawing for customers who satisfy the award-winning conditions of the program.
3. Target: VPBank credit cardholders (including both Primary and Supplementary Cardholders) who register to participate in the program.
4. Prize scheme:


Prize Detail

Value of each prize (VND)

Number of prizes


Special Prize at program-end

VND 20 million Cash




Lucky Prize weekly

VND 500,000 Cash









5. The detailed Terms and Conditions:

5.1. Conditions of the prizes:

- Customers need to register to participate in the program with VPBank once only from 01/12/2013 until the end of 31/01/2014 by one of the following ways:

+ To make a phone call to Call Center 247 at (04) 39 288 880 or 1900 545 415 and follow the instructions;

+ Send an email to customercare@vpb.com.vn or chamsockhachhang@vpb.com.vn and provide the following information: Customer Name, ID number, ID date of issuance, ID place of issuance, last 4 digits of their credit cards. VPBank will send a confirmation email to successful customers.

- Customers’ payment transactions with their credit cards meet the following conditions:

+ The last digit of transaction approval code is number 9. Transaction approval code is a series of 6 digits followed by the following terms: “Approval Code”, or “App. Code”, or “Authorization Code”, or “Auth. Code”, or “Số chuẩn chi” on the receipt of transactions with credit cards.

For example: A customer’s transaction approval code is 076459, this means this customer has found a lucky number 9 and has a chance to win a prize.

+ Transactions are made to pay for goods/services in Vietnam and overseas by credit cards at POS or on the Internet from 01/12/2013 until the end of 31/01/2014 and reported as successful transactions before 06/02/2014 (Vietnam time);

+ The minimum amount of the transaction is 500,000 VND/transaction or equivalent when customers pay in other foreign currencies (converted into VND according to VPBank rate of exchange).

- Note: The transaction is considered invalid if:

+ Transaction is not to pay for goods/services and/or not be performed at POS or on the Internet , including but not limited to: payment via fax, mail, phone, Call Center 247, Telesales; cash withdrawal and all transactions on ATM (bank transfer, balance checking, transaction history, etc);

+ Canceled or re-credited transaction during program period or before the time of awarding;

+ Cards are canceled by customers during program period or before the time of awarding.

5.2 . Prize Selection:

5.2.1. Lucky Prize:

- Each week, VND 500,000 will be given to each among the first 100 customers whose transaction approval code have lucky number 9 and satisfy the conditions as stated in Article 8.1.

- The weekly dates are determined as follows:

+ Week 1: From 01/12/2013 until the end of 08/12/2013.

+ Week 2: From 09/12/2013 until the end of 16/12/2013.

+ Week 3: From 17/12/2013 until the end of 24/12/2013.

+ Week 4: From 25/12/2013 until the end of 01/01/2014.

+ Week 5: From 02/01/2014 until the end of 09/01/2014.

+ Week 6: From 10/01/2014 until the end of 17/01/2014.

+ Week 7: From 18/01/2014 until the end of 24/01/2014.

+ Week 8: From 25/01/2014 until the end of 31/01/2014.

- VPBank will base on the participant list, customer information, card information and transaction information on the system to determine the winners.

- In case there are more than one customers performing transactions at the same time, VPBank will reward customers with higher transaction amount.

- In case there are less winners of lucky prize than number of prizes as specified in this Terms and Conditions, unused prizes at the end of the week will be transferred to the following week.

- Results of the lucky prize winners every week will be notified within 10 working days.

5.2.2. Special Prize:

- VND 20 million will be given to each among 10 lucky customers at the end of the program by lucky drawing.

- Customers’ participating serial code is the credit card number whose transactions has lucky number 9 and satisfies the conditions as stated in Article 8.1 of this Terms and Conditions.

- All customers who satisfy the conditions as stated in Article 8.1 of this Terms and Conditions are eligible to participate in lucky drawing.

- The number of valid transactions for this program also means the number of times serial code appearing in lucky drawing.

- The lucky drawing ceremony will be held once only at program-end within 10 working days since the last day of the program.

- Each customer shall receive only one special prize.

- Results of special prize winners will be notified within 3 working days from the date of lucky drawing ceremony.

6. Notification and Awarding methods:

- Notification of wining: winning results will be announced by VPBank via following channels:

+ The official website of VPBank: www.vpb.com.vn and/or ;

+ The mass media such as newspapers, magazines, etc;

- The prizes will be transferred directly to the card account which the customers made winning transaction or payment account at VPBank, no later than 30 working days since the end of the program.

7. Contact:

Customer Service Center (Call Center 247) at (04) 39 288 880 or 1900 545 415.

8. Other regulations:

- VPBank will bear all expenses incurred in organizing the program, announcing the results on the mass media, organizing awarding ceremony, and advertising for the program.

-Winning customers must perform tax duty as prescribed by the Government based on the total value of the prizes and bear all other costs incurred related to receiving those prizes.

- VPBank will not be responsible for any claims related to the impossible contact with VPBank to register for the program or unawareness of the program.

- VPBank will not be responsible for any claims related to VPBank’s impossible contact with customers to notify the prizes.

- Customers are responsible for keeping valid winning receipts in case required by VPBank.

- VPBank has the right to re-debit the payment accounts or card accounts without prior notice in case those accounts were credited by mistake during awarding process.

- VPBank is eligible to waive liability in case of force majeure which leads to customers’ false transactions during the program.

- VPBank has the full right to use photos, identity of the winning customers in its advertising activities.

- By participating in this program, customers accept all the mentioned Terms and Conditions of the program.

- VPBank is the final decision-maker to approve valid transactions and award prizes.

- VPBank can only change this Terms and Conditions if approved by Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency. In case of change, VPBank shall announce on its website www.vpb.com.vn.


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