FE Credit – Consumer Finance Services of VPBank Celebrates its 3-Year Anniversary
After a mere 3-year operation, FE Credit – Consumer Finance Services belongs to VPBank has marked a milestone of serving more than 300.000 customers. On this occasion, FE Credit extends its warm gratefulness to the 300.000th client in the ceremony on 7th March 2014 at Riverside Palace, HCMC. 
This is also a precious opportunity to acknowledge FE Credit’s dealers, partners, customers and outstanding staff who contribute tremendously to its success. 
On his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Kalidas Ghose – CEO of Consumer Finance Division – FE Credit highly appreciates the development of FE Credit and its accomplishments in 2013. “We hope to continue our journey successfully in future and continue to grow our business to new heights in the coming years. We plan to introduce many more exciting and innovative products to our customers and serve them by fulfilling their requirements even better” – said Mr. Ghose.
On this day, hundreds of valuable gifts have been presented to acknowledge the dealers, partners and customers who have greatly supported FE Credit in the past 3 years. 
Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngan, FE Credit’s 300.000th customer has been presented a special gift, which is 20.000.000 VND in cash at the ceremony.
After 3 years of service, FE Credit has placed its position as a trusted, professional and model consumer finance organization towards clients and partners. With the aim to bring customers with suitable and most effective products, FE Credit has continuously improved and expanded services, in order to commit its promise: Helping clients overcome financial difficulties to enjoy a prosperous and fulfilled life.
Besides Motorbike Loan, which has dominated the market since 2012 with 45% market share, other successful products of FE Credit could be listed as Personal Loan and Consumer Durables Loan. The promotion “Get your new motorbike, bring good luck home” attracted thousands of clients thanks to its valuable prizes (First prize valued at 100.000.000 VND).
FE Credit - Consumer Finance Services of Consumer Finance Division of VPBank, was established on November 2nd 2010. FE Credit was born with the objective of providing easy and effective financial solutions to customers, which is aimed to meet social demands and solve financial difficulties in order to help improve the quality life of Vietnamese customers. The event today is also to celebrate FE Credit’s 300,000th customer.
After 3 years of establishment, FE Credit is currently show its presence throughout 58 provinces of Vietnam with 2000 motorbike sales points of sales, 300 consumer durables points of sales and the human resources of almost 7,000 professional and enthusiastic staffs. In 2013, we reached the milestone of 300,000 customers, doubled the number of 150,000 customers in 2012. We hope to get a more impressive number next year as we have set more ambitious targets to maintain and improve the position as the best consumer finance organization with simple application and fast procedures.
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