Exclusive privileges for VPBank Gold Club members’ spouses
Targeting to bring the best care for relatives of customers, VPBank officially launched the exclusive package for spouses of the existing priority customers.
Accordingly, from July 2015, spouses of the existing priority customers will become priority customers without minimum balance of payment accounts or deposit accounts and free service charges.
Customers will enjoy a lot of preferential privileges, namely: Priority Transaction (served separately with no waiting time); Priority Care (taken care of by VPBank’s senior financial advisors); Priority Remuneration (birthday congratulation, thanking events and many other events held by VPBank Gold Club dedicated to Priority Customers with useful consult in investment, finance, healthcare, etc. fields).
Especially, customers are offered free international debit card Gold Club Debit MasterCard, free International Credit Card Priority Platinum MasterCard with the interest-free period of up to 55 days and maximum pre-approved limit of VND300 million, pre-approved mortgage loan with preferential interest rates from 6% to 10% compared to ordinary customers and short disbursement period, highest internet banking transaction limit of VND2 billion per day, etc…
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