VPBank reduced interest rates by 1.5% for enterprises affected by Corona virus

Considering the impacts of Coronavirus and responding to the State Bank’s documents, VPBank immediate takes actions to support enterprises in difficult time.

Specifically, VPBank's customers mostly affected by this situation, including those operating in the field of transportation, warehousing, travelling, hospitality, exporting and importing will be reduced lending rates by 1.5% / year for unsecured loans and reduce by 1.0% / year for secured loans.

In addition to reduce lending rates, from the first working days of after the Lunar New Year, VPBank actively visit enterprises to evaluate the impact of nCoV on production and business activities. Basing on the real situation, the bank discussed with enterprises to find solutions to recover and overcome the situation such as loan restructuring and rescheduling.

It is estimated that the total number of VPBank's customers affected by Corona virus will reach nearly 1,000 and tend to increase in the near future if the disease tends to be complicated.

VPBank’s leadership regularly monitors the disease situation in Vietnam and around the world to promptly guide and provide close support to its corporate customers, ensuring there is no business suffering from the double effects of disease outbreaks.

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