VPBank provides solution to simplify payroll process

VPBank has introduced to the market a payroll service using electronic document for business customer, which allows them to simplify accounting procedures and saves time as well as resources for development.

The payroll service using electronic document allows business customer and VPBank to handle transactions completely in the salary-paying command and electronic payment mandate with digital signatures. After receiving confirmation using digital signature from customer, VPBank will process the transaction.

Compared to the past, VPBank’s new payroll service will help enterprises save good amount of time and human resources, because there are less procedure steps such as sending soft copy of the document then the hard copy to the bank to double-check the information.

In the context of increasing competition pressure, enterprises will need more time and human resources for research, production, and business development activities. This new payroll service of VPBank will be the significant solution to help enterprises promoting their business in the future.



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