VPBank to announce the application of the Standard Form of Guarantee Commitment and the authority of signing Guarantee Commitment at VPBank

To ensure the safety of guarantee for customers, Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank) has recently announced the application of the standard form of guarantee commitment and the authority of signing guarantee commitment at VPBank.
Accordingly, the guarantee commitment issued by VPBank is printed on the form of guarantee commitment which is specifically designed with 03 anti-counterfeit security elements, including: (1) imprinted VPBank’s logo, (2) the pre-printed serial number on each guarantee commitment form, (3) the unique reference transaction number to each guarantee commitment issued, containing VPBank’s specific characteristics to minimize fraud, helping customers to easily recognize the authenticity of the guarantee commitment.
Together with the use of standard form of guarantee commitment, after Circular No. 28/2012/TT-NHNN became effective (dated 2 December 2012), VPBank has also implemented the simultaneous signature of three levels of authority on the guarantee commitment, including: (1) the legal representative of VPBank; (2) VPBank’s guarantee risk manager; (3) VPBank’s guarantee appraiser.
Upon receipt of the guarantee commitment released by VPBank, customers need to carefully check according to the above-mentioned identification marks to ensure the validity and legality of the guarantee commitment. In case of any doubt or uncertainty about the authenticity of the guarantee commitment, customers can contact VPBank directly for confirmation by:

- Dialing hotline: 1900545415; or
- Sending email to: baolanh@vpb.com.vn

Thus, with the use of highly secure form of guarantee commitment and implementation of signature of three levels of authority on the guarantee commitment issued, the potential risks affecting customers’ finance as well as VPBank’s reputation and quality of services are minimized, ensuring the rights of both customers and VPBank when performing guarantee transactions to meet the requirements of risk management in accordance with the provisions of the State Bank of Vietnam.

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