VPBank and VDC to successfully connect VISA SmartCash card opening system
Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) and Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC) under Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (VNPT) officially announced the successful connection of VISA SmartCash card opening system starting from 23 May 2014.
VPBank SmartCash Visa card specially supports frequent online payment on Abay, Amazon, etc or individuals and/or organizations using services of foreign firms like Google, Facebook  and so on.
In addition, when customers make payment with prepaid VPBank SmartCash Visa cards, the transaction amount will be deducted from the available balance on the cards. Customers can load cards to continue using when out of credit; therefore, they can control their finances easily.
VPBank SmartCash Visa card can also be used as a gift to relatives and friends. To open a new card or load cards, customers can visit any transaction points of VPBank and VNPT for further support.
VPBank and VDC are making best efforts to research and develop this product in order to bring more superior advantages as well as offers to customers. This is also good news for those who are interested in the co-branded VPBank-VDC cards for domestic and international payments.
The unique VPBank SmartCash Visa card allows users to pay online with virtual cards, as well as withdraw money at any POS card acceptance points of VPBank and VISA worldwide. Moreover this card can also be used to pay for entire VDC’s products and services, such as telephone, lines, servers, iCoin payment gateway top-up, and others.
VPBank and VDC have offered a wide range of collaborative programs to take advantages of each side. With the successful connection of this system, the cooperation between two sides has stepped up to become a comprehensive business partnership.
For more information, please contact 1900 545 415 or 04 3928 8880.
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