VP Flex - limitless benefits for enterprises
With the desire to accompany the development of Vietnam's enterprises, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) has introduced an entire financial solution for enterprises, named "VP Flex.  "
VP Flex is the result of research and analysis conducted by VPBank which are based on practical needs of enterprises. VP Flex offers a high loan-to-collateral rate that may rise up to 120%, depending on financial capability of enterprise and the bond between the enterprise and VPBank from time to time. In addition, , while using VP Flex, customers will receive numerous benefits such as: high non-term interest rate of VP Business (a financial solution package for enterprises launched in April 2011), discounted transactions fee , preferential loan interest rate, etc.
VP Flex has been designed exclusively for manufaturing, exporting enterprises and those conducting business mainly in bidding and project implementation, enterprises making an annual revenue of VND20 billion  and above.
A representative of VPBank's executives stated: "Aiming to become one of the five leading retail Joint Stock Commercial Banks in Vietnam, VPBank focus has always been on investing, conducting research and developing products, services which can bring greatest benefits to customers. Following the introduction of the product package VP Business and other preferential lending interest programs, VPBank continues to launch the new product VP Flex with various advantages and prominent features. Together with the VP Flex's launch, we want to express our commitment in ultimately and effectively supporting business activities of Vietnamese enterprises."
Extra Information:
VPBank has completed raising its' chartered capital to VND5,050 billion on December 30, 2011, achieving a pretax income of over VND1,000 billion in 2011 and a total number of 200 transaction offices. Besides, VPBank was continuously granted the "Enterprise for Community" award, Top 100 Trusted Products and Services in 2011, "Vietnam Strong Brand Name" award 2011, and given the award of "Straight Through Processing" by the Bank of New York and Citibank in 5 consecutive years.


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