Information on phishing email disguised VPBank

At VPBank, we always pay attention to the confidentiality and integrity of customer information and financial activities. Over the past time, VPBank has invested in technology systems and supervised business processes, as well as developed policies on customer information security. Our customer privacy measures aimed at stabilizing the operation of both VPBank-based and partner-based systems.

However, in recent days, we have noticed that some phishing emails disguised as legitimate ones from VPBank were sent to customers to mislead them to click on a link and provide information of credit card. We quickly cooperated with our IT partners to completely stop this fraudulence and continuously improve security solutions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

This incident did not affect the operation of VPBank’s system and customer’s transactions. As of now, we have not received any report from customers on losses related to this bogus email.

We highly recommend customers to enhance the security of credit card and bank account by not providing login information, account information and OTP code for anyone, including bank employees; not logging in weird or suspicious websites; not providing card information of number, name, date of issue, valid date, CCV/CVV for anyone.

In the case of suspect fraudulent email, please contact hotline at 1900 545 415 or 024 3928 8880
For further information, please contact us at: 1900 545 415 or 024 3928 8880 or visit our website:


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