Earning VPBank iCash points to redeem Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
To show gratitude to its traditional customers and bring more advantages to its loyal customers, from 16 June 2014, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) launches the program “Earn points – Redeem gifts – VPBank Loyalty”.
The special feature of the program is it is applied to all customers helping customers maximize the benefits when using VPBank’s services and products.
Accordingly, when customers make payment with credit cards, use electronic banking services, deposit savings online, shop online or receive money through Western Union, they will receive iCash points as shown in the following table. With their iCash points, customers can redeem an abundance of products from leading online suppliers in Vietnam.
Hundreds of valuable products are waiting for redemption every day, from high-tech products such as Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 P901, Iphone 5S 32GB, Ipad Air 128GB Wifi to luxurious household goods, or travel vouchers, reservations at the premium villas, hotels, resorts , as well as leisure services such as movie tickets, restaurants, spa and other attractive services, etc.
Customers can search information of their accumulated points and redeem for gifts easily via VPBank’s electronic banking channels namely VPBank Online, VPBank Mobile or dialing Customer Services Center at 1900 54 54 15 or at business points nationwide. The validity of iCash points is not limited or until VPBank’s further notice.
Aiming to bring most benefits to customers, VPBank has constantly attempted to research and improve service, product quality towards offering practical benefits and the opportunity to enjoy happiness in life. In 2014, VPBank has introduced innovative products to strengthen customers’ trust and gradually become one of three leading Joint-Stock Commercial retail banks in Vietnam by 2017.
For more information, please contact 1900 54 54 15 or 04 3928 8880 or visit VPBank website www.vpb.com.vn.

Credit Card

Based on expenditure value at POS or online




On birth day

VPBank employees

MC2 Card

VND 1,000 = 3 iCash

Additional 1 iCash

Additional 1 iCash

Additional 1 iCash

Platinum Card

VND 1,000 = 6 iCash

Additional 1 iCash

Additional 1 iCash

Additional 1 iCash


Based on transaction value on e-banking channels


Interbank Transfer

Payment of Post-paid bills

Pre-paid top-up

eCom Payment

VPBank online

VND 10,000 = 1 iCash

VND 1,000 = 1 iCash


VPBank mobile






VPBank ePay




VND 1,000 = 1 iCash

Online savings

Based on the term of online savings booklet


Less than 6 months

6 – 12 months

Above 12 months

Ordinary online savings

VND 500,000 = 10 iCash

VND 450,000 = 10 iCash

VND 400,000 = 10 iCash

Online Installment Easy Savings

Western Union

Based on the number of transactions over the counter and ABMT


First transaction

Subsequent transactions

Over the counter

1 transaction =

10,000  iCash

Additional 2,000 iCash

Account-Based Money Transfer  (ABMT)

VPBank reserves the right to decide point scoring method and redemption of accumulated points of customers in each period.

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