Best bank for small and medium enterprises

Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank) has reaffirmed its position as the pioneer in supporting SME community by continuously proposing new financial and non-financial solutions, as well as building a digital platform for SMEs, which are underserved by many banks.

In January, 2019, The Asian Banker honored VPBank “Best SME Bank” within the framework of The Asian Banker Vietnam Country Awards, one of the most prestigious and transparent award in the world. This is the second time in the past three months that VPBank was honored as the best SME bank by international organizations. Previously, in November 2018, International Finance Corporation (IFC) also ranked VPBank top 3 best SME bank in Asia.

Despite accounting for more than 90% of the total enterprises, SMEs have met difficulties in accessing to banking services for many years partly because their small loans are less profitable than that of big corporations. In contrast, their weak management abilities have made them high-risk customers. However, since 2012, VPBank has built strategy to support SMEs. By now, VPBank has served 75,000 SMEs, accounting for more than 10% of total SMEs nationwide. The bank has also established 81 specific centers for SMEs in all over the country.

However, if VPBank only approached SME customers in traditional way as many others banks did, it would not achieve such outstanding success. According to The Asian Banker, the creativity and good customer growth rate makes VPBank outstanding among its peers.

The highlight is the establishment of women-owned SME segment. According to the survey of IFC, Vietnam has nearly 600,000 SMEs, of which women-owned SMEs accounts for 21%. More than half of women-owned enterprises are micro-sized and often meet difficulties in accessing financial sources. Besides financial needs, they also have high demand in improving manager skills and expanding business. Hence, VPBank have provided comprehensive solutions, including both financial and non-financial tools tailored specifically for their needs.

Non-financial activities include a series of talk shows between experts and businesswomen. At these events, businesswomen have opportunities to share their experiences in business and cash-flow management, as well as meet potential partners. By the end of 2018, there have been more than 1,400 enterprises participating in non-financial activities of VPBank. Women-owned enterprises have accounted for approximately 18% of total SME customers and 26% of total loan balance of SME segment. 

Additionally, SME Division also launched VAT Invoice Finance, which combines the advantages of both secured and unsecured products with streamlined lending procedures to help enterprises quickly access capital sources.

Besides, VPBank continues to promote unsecured lending packages for micro-SMEs. This product constitutes a unique competitive edge for VPBank SME since it does not require collateral, which is a major barrier in accessing capital.

Last but not least, The Asian Bankers considered that the successful digital transformation contributed significantly to improve service quality and promote SME community. The heart of digital transformation is SME Connect Platform, which is a playground for SME community connecting and discussing hot issues, as well as partnering with others.

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