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Aiming to increase service quality and bring customers the finest services, Vietnam Prosperity Bank, or VPBank, has officially launched the program "Enhance Customers' experiences" on the occasion of the International Children's Day on June 1st. This is the first among the program series in phase 2 of the "Enhancing comprehensive service quality - Service 100+" project which VPBank has been conducting since 2001.
From May 22 to 24, 2012, Vietnam Prosperity Bank, or VPBank, attended and sponsored the Banking Vietnam Conference and Exhibition at Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel, 117 Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi. This is the second consecutive time for which VPBank has participated in the event as a co-sponsor.
With the desire to accompany the development of Vietnam's enterprises, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) has introduced an entire financial solution for enterprises, named "VP Flex.  "
In Hanoi, on 3 March, 2012, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) officially held the prize-granting ceremony of the "New Year with Thousands of Fortunes" promotion program at VPBank Kinh Đô at No.292 Tây Sơn, granting prizes to lucky customers in Hanoi. This was the last prize-granting round (applicable for serial numbers issued from 7 March, 2012 till the end of 20 March, 2012) within the scheme of the "New Year with Thousands of Fortunes" program launched throughout the country.
On March 3rd 2012, in Ho Chi Minh, VPBank officially held the 2nd prize-granting ceremony of "New Year with Thousands of Fortunes" promotion program, at VPBank's Gia Dinh, No.296 Phan Xich Long, 7 Ward, Phu Nhuan District, for lucky customers in Ho Chi Minh. This was a prize-granting ceremony of the "New Year with Thousands of Fortunes" promotion which has been launching nationwide. So far, the "New Year with Thousands of Fortunes" has held 2 draws to find out lucky customers of valuable prizes.


From August 1st to August 31st, Western Union Department will launch the promotional program titled “Vui cung sinh nhat, Qua that da tay” as a thankful tribute to customers who made money transferring and remittance via Western Union system at VPBank’s units.

The nearer the end of the year comes, the higher the demands for loans to expand production and business of enterprises become. Enterprises are struggling to find and select the most advantageous credit institution to serve their needs.

On 31 July, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) officially launched the social security program under the throughout theme "Action for the dreams" that the Bank has conducted for years. This year, the program will present a total of 17,000 schoolbags and 1,000 scholarships with each scholarship worth VND 1 million to studious children having financial difficulty in 11 cities, provinces nationwide as well as 5 Gratitude Houses in Gia Lai province.

On 23 August 2014, the world’s legendary pianist Richard Clayderman will be performing for one night only in Hanoi in an event named “Richard Clayderman in Concert by VPBank”.

In Hanoi, on 2 July, 2014, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) officially held the prize-granting ceremony of the "Secured Savings - Happy Travel" promotion program, granting prizes to lucky customers.


On 05/12/2013 evening in Hanoi, Steve Aoki had an outstanding and impressive performance at American Club in Hanoi. As the official sponsor of the program, the representative of VPBank awarded VND 20 million prize at Hanoki festival, and gave 5 free entrance tickets for the 5 bloggers with best comments on the fanpage of the program.

Aiming at non-financial value for priority customer segment, on 2/11/2013 morning, the Priority Customer Segment Project in collaboration with Vinmec international Hospital organized thematic seminar about metabolic disease (cholesterol, gout, diabetes) and cardiovascular diseases.

The men of VPBank sent best wishes, bunches of flowers, meaningful gifts to female colleagues in VPBank and wives on Vietnamese Women's day 20/10. On this day, all the best respectful sentiments were given to women who are the half of the world.

On the afternoon of September 15th, VPBank trade union held the program “Lantern parade on the Mid Autumn” for more than 700 children of  officials at the head office in Hanoi.
On  24th August, in the morning at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, the career day named Connect the Dots 2013 was held.At this event, VPBank representative exchanged ideas and conducted direct interviews with many young people.
Besides direct communication with the candidates, VPBank representative also updated knowledge about trends and challenges of Vietnam's labor market, methods to overcome these challenges with overseas graduates when returning to their home country.

On 29/07/2013, in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) solemnly held the Financing ceremony to build charity houses for Former Youth Volunteers in Thanh Hoa Province. 

On 15/06/2013, in Hanoi, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) and Drug Administration - Ministry of Health officially signed cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, VPBank and Drug Administration agreed to deploy collaboration on 4 areas: account services, business financing, export financing and domestic and international payment.

On 26/03/2013, in Hanoi, VPBank honored to receive the STP (Straight-Through-Process) Award 2012 by New York Bank (BNY Mellon). This is the 7th consecutive year VPBank has the honor to be given this prestigious award.

The ceramic National flag, which is 312 square meters, is a present from VPBank to the people and soldiers in Truong Sa Lon Island.

The Inaugural Ceremony of the ceramic National flag was solemnly held in Truong Sa Lon Island on June 6, 2012.

In 2013, VPBank will spend VND 5 billion to implement social welfare activities

There were more than 1,000 people attending the festival, in which more than 1,000 students coming from primary schools and middle schools in Hochiminh City.

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