Vision, Mission, Development Strategy and Core Value of VPBank

As one of the earliest-established Joint-stock Commercial banks in Vietnam, VPBank has achieved steady development throughout its history. VPBank has set an ambitious target of becoming the most consumer- friendly technology- driven bank and among Vietnam’s top 3 most valuable banks by 2022.

In 2019, VPBank will strive to achieve its targets, i.e. among the top 5 private joint-stock commercial banks and top 3 retail private joint-stock commercial banks in terms of customer lending and deposit volumes and profit. To realize the objectives, VPBank will focus on growth quality and volume growth in select market segments. Quality growth will be the overarching theme in all of the bank’s policies:

  • Maintain higher-than-industry-average growth rates in volume and efficiency;
  • Improve the productivity and performance of the sales force to achieve credit and deposit growth;
  • Strengthen and upgrade business support systems and platforms for the purposes of centralization, automation, digitization, and simplification.

The support for the implementation of the above strategy is the VPBank corporate culture which is nurtured and built on six core values:

  • Customer Focus; 
  • Productivity;
  • Ambition;
  • People Development;
  • Trust;
  • Make the Difference.

The achievements of this transition period have determined the right strategy, with the positive changes of image, service quality, professionalism, etc. The trust of customers for VPBank has also strengthened by the constantly increasing number of new customers and capital mobilization. More importantly, VPBank is becoming a desirable destination for talent in the banking and finance industry. This key element has been, and will become VPBank’s strategic weapons in the journey towards becoming the most consumer- friendly technology- driven bank and among Vietnam’s top 3 most valuable banks.

In 2019, despite many challenges, rapid changes in digital technology and consumer behaviours, and new players, VPBank is willing to take both new opportunities and challenges to sustain growth and conquer new heights. VPBank believes that its above-mentioned vision and strategy will help the Bank to achieve its mission to maximize customers’ benefits, attach special importance to the interests of employees and shareholders, build a strong corporate culture, and contribute effectively to community development.


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