VPBank’s new brand with the motto "Action for your dreams" was built up from the factors: Professionalism, Dedication, Difference, and Simplicity. Towards long-term vision, VPBank determines to promote the image of a bank which always strives for the best customer service with friendly attitude and fast speed.
VPBank’s new emblem is the Prosperity flower, redesigned by subtle combination between the sharp and soft curves, demonstrating the flexibility, reliability and user-friendliness that VPBank desires to bring to customers. The emblem looks like a pair of hands nurturing aspiration to improve, symbolizing the continuous upward growth and the firm foundation to ensure growth and prosperity. It is also reminiscent to the image of all hands together to build a community as well as a prosperous Vietnam.
The bright red color of flower petals shows the working enthusiasm, willingness, creativity, prosperity and good luck as well as responsibility to society and the community via VPBank’s every activity.


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