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After the success of “household business pilot project”, VPBank officially established a new business division, Household Banking, with the brand name of CommCredit on July 14, 2015.
CommCredit aims at providing financial solutions to household businesses. In the brand name, “Comm” comes from Commercial and Community, representing the connection between CommCredit and its customers – business community.
Vision: Create value by improving business performance and life quality of Vietnamese household businesses; build long-term relationship with customers as a trustworthy financial partner.
Mission: Provide simple product bundles and convenient and effective services to address demands of household businesses.
Value proposition:
Products: straightforward products tailored to particular segment, one-stop shop for loan demands, and financial solutions suitable to customers’ business cycle.
Services: Simple, fast and approachable
Sustainable partnership: offer unique values to wet market managers to promote long-term partnership.
Business model:
CommCredit's customers include self-employed individuals across the country. We provide financial solutions to meet both business and consumer needs such as secured/ unsecured lending products, non-credit products such as current accounts, ATM cards, insurance, etc. In particular, CommCredit's sales staff provide on-site support right at the market kiosks and stores to help customers save travel time.
After over two years, CommCredit has achieved impressive results, in particular:
  • Network: present in over 46 cities and provinces across Vietnam with 240 outlets
  • Customers: trusted by more than 100,000 small businesses and households across the country
  • Experienced and dedicated team: 2,500 employees.
With well thought-out investment, unique business model and sensible strategy, CommCredit is confident about providing household businesses with suitable and effective financial solutions and contributing to Vietnam’s economy.

You need a reasonable interest rate loan but do not want to put up your kiosk as collateral? CommCredit’s EMPOWERING KIOSK OWNER LOAN with advantages of no collateral required shall satisfy your money need in quick turnover time and attractive pricing.

You need to borrow a modest amount for a short period of time? Our weekly unsecured loan is the solution to such demand.

Do you own your current kiosk, house, or store? If yes, you can obtain an unsecured loan of up to VND 150 million at express processing time.

Multi-purpose unsecured loan, our most flexible loan product, can meet your various financial needs as a household business. What sets this product apart is that under it, we accept various types of documents characteristics of your business.

At CommCredit, we deeply understand your business and the value of your kiosk. To help you maximize the value of your kioks and raise fund for business and consumption purposes, we have developed “Fund Up, Power Up” product

Small and household businesses can enjoy great convenience only with a small card

To get better connection with more utilities for Household customers, CommCredit – VPBank had launched the official portal on Zalo as well as the promotion of discount 1% interest rate when customer apply loan via Zalo.

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