Compliance policy

VPBank and its staffs  pledge and exert themselves to abide by the statutory regulations, international treaties and practices signed or recognized by Vietnam; contracts and transactions signed by the Bank with its customers, partners, shareholders as well as code of conduct and ethical behaviours issued by Vietnam Banks Association.

At VPBank:

1.    Compliance is the responsibility of every executive, manager, and staff including CEO, BOD and BOM members, Heads of Divisions,  Managers of Departments, other managerial personnel and every staffs of VPBank.

2.    Every compliance issue related to VPBank’s operations shall be recognized, monitored and managed to ensure the compliance and prevention of non-compliance acts.

3.    Any non-compliance shall be detected, clarified, confirmed and resolved.  Non-compliance resolution shall be a combination of combatting and a focus on education and prevention.

4.    Any of the VPBank staffs shall be accountable to explain his/her behaviours and actions to officer(s) in charge of compliance.

5.    VPBank’s officer(s) in charge of compliance are allowed to access any necessary information such as personnel data, documents and information in the system to verify and clarify compliance-related issues or compliance risks.

6.    The management and operation of compliance system shall be immune from any disruption and impacts of business activities in establishment, development and fulfilment of compliance requirements and standards.

7.    VPBank’s compliance policy shall be periodically reviewed at least every 2 years to ensure the validity, effectiveness and fitness to VPBank BOD’s policies and strategies.



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