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As one of the earliest-established Joint-stock Commercial banks in Vietnam, VPBank has achieved steady development throughout its history. Especially since 2010, VPBank has grown dramatically with the development and implementation of the strategic transformation program diligently with support from one of the world’s leading consulting companies.

VPBank’s new brand with the motto "Action for your dreams" was built up from the factors: Professionalism, Dedication, Difference, and Simplicity. Towards long-term vision, VPBank determines to promote the image of a bank which always strives for the best customer service with friendly attitude and fast speed.

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In addition to internal control activity as the core of the overall internal control system, Risk Management is the system’s cornerstone. Its main functions are identifing, controling and mitigating risks, developing the risk management-related policies and internal regulations, measuring and monitoring risks, offering recommendations as to risk management.

Internal Control System at VPBank is designed for senior management to monitor the Bank’s operations. It is also aimed to help carry out internal control, risk management, internal audit of capital adequacy and internal audit. Considering from the angle of functions and roles, internal control activities are at the core of the System.

To ensure its safe and effective operation, the protection, management and safe and efficient use of its assets and resources, to ensure its timely and adequate financial and management information, as well as to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, internal regulations, VPBank has been establishing and maintaining an internal control system in accordance with requirements, regulations and the best international practices for internal control and risk management.

To comply with the objectives of green credit growth and development as directed by the Government and the SBV; to ensure the prevention of E&S risks, thereby to contribute to the prosperous and sustainable development; and to fulfill the commitment to E&S responsibilities, VPBank was one of the first commercial banks that have developed the Environmental and Social risk Management System and promulgated Environmental and Social Policies declaring VPBank's compliance with E&S standards since 2016. The E&S policy was developed and issued by VPBank on the basis of compliance with the relevant National Laws and the Performance Standards of IFC, and has become an indispensable part of VPBank's credit risk management activities. In addition, in order to improve the E&S risk management system, VPBank continuously enhances the E&S risk identification and assessment capabilities of its staff, including staff members in charge of investment analysis and E&S compliance management, to prevent the potential risks.

VPBank and its staffs pledge and exert themselves to abide by the statutory regulations, international treaties and practices signed or recognized by Vietnam; contracts and transactions signed by the Bank with its customers, partners, shareholders as well as code of conduct and ethical behaviours issued by Vietnam Banks Association.


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