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SME SmartCredit is introduced in order to supplement working capital for small enterprises’ business, production activities as well as purchase of fixed assets. This product is desired to be a smart and excellent solution for the operation and needs of every enterprise.

Loans provided to SME customers by VPBank are secured 100 % by real estate.


Program: Car loans - Super Promotion Cyclone for SMEs

Program: “SME Success 2013 – Preferential Loan Program for SMEs in 2013”.

This product provides capital loans for enterprises to supplement working capital for business and production activities

This product provides customers with short-term working capital loans in VND with lower rates compared to regular VND interest rates

This grants loans of up to 12-month's time, by which VPBank meets the needs for loans tied to loan purpose, specific business plan

This grants loans which allow enterprises to withdraw according to credit limit in a certain period of time (maximum 12 months)

This is the best credit solutions to meet unexpected demands for loans to take advantage of business opportunitieswithout regular loan application. Enterprises are able to make payments which exceed the actual balance on deposit accounts for a short time

SME FLEX is a specialized product for small and medium enterprises borrowing working capital at VPB up to 12 months (regardless of the business cycle); timely meets the needs for additional working capital helping enterprises to develop plan and take advantage of business opportunities with a stable source of capital

Medium and long-term lending by project is the credit solution to meet the demands for loans in a certain investment project of enterprises to expand business operations

This Car loan is applicable to SME customers of VP Bank, in which VP Bank finances for enterprises to buy cars for the purpose of travel/business operations, or transportation business.

This car loan product is applicable to SME customers who wish to buy cars of below 9 seats, in which VPBank finance for enterprises to purchase cars below 9 seats for the purpose of travel and formation of fixed assets

VPBank collaborates with one or more credit institutions to jointly extend loans to a customer, with VPBank or another credit institution acting as the arranger

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