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VPBank Loyalty

Easily earn points, redeem great gifts

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VPBank Loyalty is a program aiming to show gratitude to and increase benefits for loyal customers. This program give customers chances to earn reward points and redeem valuable gifts.

  • How to earn Loyalty points:
    When using the following products, you will earn VPBank Loyalty points:
    1. Ebanking services (VPBank Online, VPBank SMS, VPBank Mobile, VPBank ePay, Online Saving);
    2. Credit cards;
    3. Debit cards
  • Look up and Redeem Loyalty reward points:
    - Via VPBank Online, visit here - Via VPBank Online application on smartphones, download here 
    - Via call center: 1900 54 54 15
    - Via all VPBank’s branches nationwide.
    Customers will get many attractive gifts when redeeming, accumulating points and redeeming gifts by VPBank Loyalty.Applicable gifts include:
  • Beauty care services
  • Tourism and hospitality services
  • Lotusmiles
  • Dining services>
  • Home appliances
  • Cash
  • Cashback
  • Digital devices
  • Cinema tickets
  • Services
  • Note: For gifts amounted to more than 10 million iCash, please pay income tax under regulations of current tax laws.

Applicable to all personal customers using VPBank's services

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