Auto loan

Own a car with ease

(5,005 Cardmember Rated)
Thanks to preferential interest rate and 8-hour disbursement, auto loan helps you easily own your favorite car
  • This loan is applicable to purchase of new cars and used cars

  • This loan funds up to 100% of car value

  • Loan term is 96 months for new cars and 60% for used cars

  • Loan repayment method is flexible

  • Fast disbursement

  • Simple and fast application

  • Special offers for cars from showrooms in partnership with VPBank

  • ID card/Household registration book/Marriage certificate or Marriage status certificate.

  • Draft car purchase and sale agreement.

  • Income declaration (in form of VPBank).

  • Loan application provided by VPBank.

  • Credit agreements with other banks (if you have previous loans).

Please contact the nearest branch or make a phone call to call center of VPBank at 1900545415 for more detailed information

Auto loan application form: Download here
General conditions on auto loans and mortgages: Download here

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