Transactions via email

Easily make all transactions via email

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Transactions via email is a service supplied by VPBank to corporate customers who desire to make transactions via email.
  • Transactions via email are made across the system

  • This service is applicable to corporate customers, especially customers are located in areas remote from branches/transaction offices of VPBank.

  • Transactions are rapidly made

  •  Accuracy, safety and efficiency

  • Customers located in areas remote from Transaction offices/Branches of VPBank are assisted in making transactions

Customers hold transaction accounts at VPBank
Customers have corporate digital certificate
Customers make application form and contract for transactions via email in form of VPBank.
Please contact the nearest branch/transaction office of VPBank or hotline 1900545415
Contract on registration of transactions via email:

Application form:

Instructions for installation and use of digital signature tool:
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