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Business loan is an effective capital-based solution for customers who desire for business development
  • A variety of applicable loan purposes include fixed asset investment, business expansion and development, supplementary working capital, etc.

  • Special loan policies are offered to hospitality businesses.

  • Business registration certificate is not required

  • This loan fund up to 100% of capital demand and loan amount is up to VND 10 billion

  • Loan limit is up to 85% of collateral value

  • Online source of income is accepted

  • Loan repayment method is flexible

  • Maximum business loan term is 10 years

  • Interest rate incentive is offered

  • Simple loan application

  • Fast disbursement

  • Professional advice from relation managers of VPBank

Personal customers who desire loans for business
  • 1. Legal personal documents

  • - ID card/Passport/Soldier card
    - Household registration book/effective Temporary residence book
    - Marriage status certificate: Marriage certificate/Divorce decision/Marriage status certificate for the following persons:
    a. Borrower (including wife/husband).
    b. Collateral owner (including wife/husband)
    c. Loan guarantor (including wife/husband).
    d. Co-borrower (including wife/husband).
  • 2. Legal household business documents

  • - ID card/Passport/Documents equivalent to ID card of legal representative of household business.
    - Letter of authorization;
    - Business registration certificate
  • 3. Documents on loan purposes

  • Real estate ownership certificate or real estate lease contract, etc, depending on loan purposes from time to time
  • 4. Documents providing proof on source of income

  • - Income from business operations of household business

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