Loan for studying abroad

Đầu tư kiến thức - Kiến tạo tương lai

(5,000 Cardmember Rated)
Cho vay du học/ Cho vay học tập là chương trình cho vay đối với khách hàng có nhu cầu học tập để phát triển bản thân
  • Fund up to 70% of tuition fee for foreign language/vocational/master degree courses/studying abroad/private schools

  • Loan for studying abroad/studying at preferential interest rate

  • Loan limit is up to VND 300 million

  • Flexible loan term is up to 60 months

  • Loan approval and disbursement procedures are fast

- Nationality: Vietnamese
- Age: From 23 years old to 60 years old
- ID card/Passport (Copy)
- Household registration book/Temporary residence confirmation (Copy)
- Tuition fee confirmation from schools/training centers (Copy)
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