Vietnam Airlines - VPBank Platinum Debit Mastercard (VNA Platinum Debit)

Easily accumulate flight miles

(5,001 Cardmember Rated)
Vietnam Airlines - VPBank Platinum Debit Mastercard is specifically designed for customers who regularly travel or go on business trip and enjoy unlimited offers such as flight miles accumulation and other offers from Vietnam Airlines and VPBank.
  • Flight miles accumulation mechanism

  • Flight miles accumulation by VNA - Platinum MasterCard:
    - Spending in VND: VND25,000 = 1 mile
    - Spending in foreign currencies: VND25,000 = 2 miles

  • Discounts at partners of VPBank

  • This card is issued in compliance with EMV standard with high level of security and a chip placed in front of the card for storage of customers' information

  • Card validity: 5 years

  • Cash advance limit: VND50,000,000/day

  • Foreign currency withdrawal limit in foreign countries: VND30,000,000/day

  • Spending limit: VND100,000,000/day

  • Other offers from VPBank and MasterCard:
    - This card is accepted at over 24 million POSs in Vietnam and in 220 countries worldwide. Card holders can withdraw cash at ATMs of VPBank and over 1 million ATMs worldwide with MasterCard logo.
    - Card holders are entitled to special discounts at fashion shops, restaurants, shopping centers, service centers, and many POSs in Vietnam.
    - Primary card holders can apply for issue of 5 supplementary cards
    - Card holders can use features such as Internet Banking (i2b), SMS Banking, etc

Only one document is required for each category
- Personal identifier: ID card/Passport/Soldier card
- Residence proof: Household registration book/Driver's license
- Current residence proof: Long-term temporary residence registration book/Notification/Service bill/Credit card statement/Salary statement
- Work proof: Labor contract/Salary increase decision/Appointment decision/Business registration certificate
- Financial proof: Salary account statement/Salary slip/Payroll/Salary confirmation (Applicable to customers working in State agencies)
- Insurance policy and invoice/receipt.
- Image of cards and credit card statements of other banks (Applicable to customers holding less than three credit cards of other banks)
- Car ownership documents
Account issue application (in form of VPBank)
Copy of ID card/effective passport of primary card holders and supplementary card holders (if any) (the original must be presented for comparison)
For supplementary card holders at the age of 6 years to less than 15 years, they or their legal representatives must supply copy of birth certificate, ID card/passport/citizenship card of their legal representatives and documents showing that these representatives allow supplementary card holders to use a debit card without overdraft.

Dòng thẻ này không có chức năng tích lũy điểm thưởng

Với dòng thẻ này, quý khách không nhận được hoàn tiền nhưng có thể tích lũy dặm bay, đặc biệt chi tiêu bằng ngoại tệ sẽ nhận được gấp đôi số dặm so với chi tiêu bằng VND.

Với việc sở hữu thẻ VNA Platinum Debit, Quý khách có thể tính luỹ dặm thưởng Bông Sen Vàng để đổi nhiều phần quà giá trị tại VNA.

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